Dante The Comic


Dante Rusciolelli or Dante The Comic, is the co-owner of Golden Artists Entertainment. He's a successful stand up comedian and travels all over the country (and the world) performing for the troops!

Chad Ridgely steps in as the co-host along with Rebekah Kochan for the Couples Of Comedy Episode Part 2.

Dante's #Fave5 songs takes us through his Southern California upbringing on army bases, how he accidentally stabbed his best friend in high school, and how chivalry is not dead! The group also talks about their favorite Christmas memories before learning of Dante's First and Last Concert Stories.

Like the songs? Check out the blog with more info on the artists! https://ytunesshuffle.blogspot.com/2019/05/dante-rusciolelli-ytunes-shuffle-song.html

Since Chad and Maggi Mayfield (host) are both part of the Golden Artist Entertainment family, Chad shares his first time performing comedy experience, as well as what he has been up to including working on the new Quentin Tarantino film "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood," and his film company Full Auto Films campaigning for his next feature length horror, "Murder Van."

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Rebekah Kochan


This is the first episode in a two part series of The Couples Of Comedy. Chad Ridgely sits in as co-host to the owners/managers of Golden Artists Entertainment. Dante Rusciolelli and Rebekah Kochan share their #Fave5 songs.


Up first, Rebekah, brought up in Las Vegas, Nevada with two younger brothers. She started working at the age of 13 years old and moved to Los Angeles to continue pursuing her passion of acting and performing at 17 years old. 

Through her song choices we learn all about visiting her aunt with a cool juke box in the living room, attending her brothers Rubix Cube events, how her dad held back really great stories about famous people, and how remarkable her relationship with her husband is and continues to grow. Learn more about the artists and songs on our blog! 

We find out the entire room's "First CD," Rebekah's close encounter with an N'Sync member, and her First and Last Concert before wrapping up.

Rebekah is laugh out loud funny and with the company of Chad and Dante, you'll want to see them all perform stand up sometime.


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Damienne Merlina


This week, it's just the ladies! Damienne Merlina is a stand up comedian, painter, activist and all around kind human. She has so many voices that she will drop on a dime during the episode, hang tight. This is a fun ride!

Damienne, through her music, shares all about how she started in stand up comedy, grew up with 7 brothers, loves the honesty of children, and how music not only helps her heal, but helps her laugh.

Hear her six songs and then check out more on all of the artists in our YTunes Shuffle Song Nuggets Blog. https://ytunesshuffle.blogspot.com/2019/04/damienne-merlina-ytunes-shuffle-song.html


We wrap up with a few PSA's from our positive punk-rocker before hearing the First and Last Concert stories. Talk music, comedy and art with Daminne on her Instagram https://www.instagram.com/whatsinadame/



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Bo$$ Lady


Bo$$ Lady, a stage name for Allie Rossi, is a rapper, comedian, host, actress and activist, born and raised in Southern California. Through her #Fave5 songs, she shares how important the radio was growing up because of the lack of a stable home when she was young, how a teacher introduced her to music (that would eventually become the soundtrack to her first kiss...not with the teacher), and how music at camp led her to the love of her life.

This is a power packed #Fave5 with a few surprise songs. If you liked what you heard, and want to learn more about the artist, you can read more about them and stream the music by clicking here.

Band Name Or Bar Name takes us to San Diego, California before we learn about her Radio-Inspired First Concert and Last Concert stories.

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Eric Alegria


Eric Alegria is a Los Angeles based comedian, actor, teacher and producer. Through his #Fave5 songs we learn about his upbringing in Chicago, how his parents immigrated from Mexico and found a Polish family that helped them acclimate, how he got to and survived his first few years in Los Angeles, and just how torn up we all are about artists with REALLY news-worthy pasts.


The Band Or Bar lightens the mood before we learn his incredible First and Last Concert stories. Keep up with his stand up and films via Instagram. And don't forget to check out all the song nuggets here.

Dark Mark


The gang is back! And although there are some minor changes to the show, you'll still get the same great #Fave5 stories, Band Name or Bar and First and Last Concert segments.

This week, to launch our rebirth, Dark Mark shares all about his gypsy days as a kid traveling with his family in an RV, how to deal with stalkers, who introduced him to Goth, and love that was lost.

The songs may be a little shorter, but you can get the same great YTunes Nuggets and hear the entire thing here.

Enjoy Mark's incredibly witty and sensitive song selection and when you get a second, follow him on Instagram!

Episode 76: Lawrence Rengert


Lawrence Rengert started his movie making career at UCLA as an art student. After directing and filming over 40 films, he made a drastic career change and started making music. 


Through his #Fave5 songs, we learn about growing up in a divorced family, the culture shock that is Los Angeles, going to college in The Netherlands, how to properly save for retirement, and then the group gets pretty philisophical in their discussion about the journey vs the destination.

Learn more about the music that inspires Lawrence's life with these YTunes Song Nuggets.


Band Name Or Bar Name heads to Sao Paulo, Brazil before we get the First and Last Concert Stories.

Check out Lawrence's music Chasing Rainbows, and follow him on Instagram.


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Episode 75: Jack Gogreve


Jack Gogreve is currently an actor and props master in Los Angeles. His greatest joys are coaching, being a parent, and hanging out with his wife! Jack was born and raised in New Orleans, LA and moved to Los Angeles to become a star!

Through his Fave5 songs, we learn how he wound up marrying his high school sweet heart, took two road trips across the country to get her to Los Angeles, how his first acting gig was an accident, and he reveals a deep seeded fear that resonates with host, David Earl Waterman. (Learn more about the songs you heard about on today's episode)

The gang plays Band Or Bar in Marrieta, GA...see if you can guess along with Maggi and Jack before clicking the links before we get into Jack's first and last concert stories.

We wrap up with Jack's amazing life turn around when he beat Type 2 Diabetes and dance our way out of the show.


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Episode 74: Joanne Grazzini


 Joanne Grazzini is a high energy woman, former child star and currently obsessed with radio. She has some amazing stories about growing up as a Catholic girl with two VERY attractive and supportive older brothers in a town that hosted the female head of the KKK. Her music narrates her life stories including her parent's divorce, an empty house where drugs were sold, and two older brothers that helped get her a lot of opportunities including a cheerleading gig.

After Joanne's Fave5, we head to Omaha, Nebraska for Band Or Bar. Try to figure out along with Joanne and Maggi before clicking the links!  Then we round out the show with the stories of her First and Last Concerts.


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Episode 73: Michael J. Knight


Michael J Knight was a disk jockey in Cortland at WSUC and later at WHEN in Syracuse, NY before landing at United Stations radio network in NYC. Michael is a life long musician and currently works behind the scenes in sports television. Michael went to broadcasting school with host, David Earl Waterman and this episode was a particularly fun walk down memory lane. 

Through his #Fave5 songs we learn about growing up politically incorrect in upstate New York, what it was like meeting and working with David Earl Waterman during college, and how old dusty department stores AND carnivals held so many music memories! If you liked any of the #Fave5 Michael brought in, check out a few nuggets about the songs/artists!

In this wild episode, Band Or Bar takes us to Manchester, UK. Try and guess along with Michael and Maggi before clicking the links! Then we wrap up with Michael's First and Last Concert stories. 

Check Michael's New Album, Sunrise, out now!

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