Episode 74: Joanne Grazzini


 Joanne Grazzini is a high energy woman, former child star and currently obsessed with radio. She has some amazing stories about growing up as a Catholic girl with two VERY attractive and supportive older brothers in a town that hosted the female head of the KKK. Her music narrates her life stories including her parent's divorce, an empty house where drugs were sold, and two older brothers that helped get her a lot of opportunities including a cheerleading gig.

After Joanne's Fave5, we head to Omaha, Nebraska for Band Or Bar. Try to figure out along with Joanne and Maggi before clicking the links!  Then we round out the show with the stories of her First and Last Concerts.


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Episode 73: Michael J. Knight


Michael J Knight was a disk jockey in Cortland at WSUC and later at WHEN in Syracuse, NY before landing at United Stations radio network in NYC. Michael is a life long musician and currently works behind the scenes in sports television. Michael went to broadcasting school with host, David Earl Waterman and this episode was a particularly fun walk down memory lane. 

Through his #Fave5 songs we learn about growing up politically incorrect in upstate New York, what it was like meeting and working with David Earl Waterman during college, and how old dusty department stores AND carnivals held so many music memories! If you liked any of the #Fave5 Michael brought in, check out a few nuggets about the songs/artists!

In this wild episode, Band Or Bar takes us to Manchester, UK. Try and guess along with Michael and Maggi before clicking the links! Then we wrap up with Michael's First and Last Concert stories. 

Check Michael's New Album, Sunrise, out now!

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Episode 72: Mike McGreevey


This week's guest, Mike McGreevey, grew up in "The Biz." He was a very famous child actor, working very closely with Walt Disney before he reinvented himself to become a successful television writer (Fame, The Waltons).

His Fave5 songs take us through his first early crushes, what it was like studying on set, how he managed to have a normal high school experience, the very movie like way he met his wife, and his fond memories of working with Walt Disney.

Then we play Band Or Bar, set in Missoula, MT before we hear the stories of Mike's First and Last Concerts.

If you liked the songs Mike picked you can learn more about them here!


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Episode 71: Greg Roque


Meet Greg Roque: A stand up comedian and performer and writer and pop culture junkie who has defied all the odds! In this episode Greg talks about his continuous pursuit to overcome a paralyzing wrestling accident in high school...with a lot of help from pop culture. We discuss the importance of a tangible music and movie collection, online dating stories, and the amazing Los Angeles, hispanic punk scene.

The famous game, Band Name Or Bar Name takes us to Seattle, Washington, before we get into a First Concert Story that brings an immediate YTunes Connection. The show is ends with Greg's Last Concert Story before we wrap up with all the places you can find Greg in the future.


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Episode 70: Max Fitelson


Max Fitelson is the lead singer and head of the Max Fite Band. In studio, he brought his bassist Carl Raether, and together, we learn a lot about the LA based band, how growing up in Seattle led to trouble for Max and what Carl did to keep out of trouble growing up in Virginia.

The music informs the shared soundtrack to their lives, including a battle with alcohol, picking up instruments later in life, the group's mutual love for Back To The Future, and how this all led to the band performing alongside their heroes.

If you loved the #Fave5 Max brought, check out more about the songs and the artists on our blog, here.

We take our guests all the way to Portland, Maine for a round of Band Or Bar. See if you get this week's game correct before clicking on the links.

Then we learn about an epic First Concert and Last concert before wrapping up the show. Follow the band on Facebook and Instagram and get the latest tour information on their website maxfiteband.com


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Episode 69: Dustin David


We open the show with a quick "Maggi and Me's Mood Music" a segment where we get a deeper look into how our hosts Maggi Mayfield and David Earl Waterman are jamming on right now. Dustin David, comic, writer and performer, joins the show and we reminisce how our mutual friend Melanie Vesey (Episode 3) was just working on her stand up album.

Dustin shares the story of his life through his #Fave5 songs: How he grew up in Maine and the crappy jobs he had before he was a cool kid, what it took for him to get sober, his surprising time working with a burlesque troop, practicing for his stand up comedy album, Something Pretentious, and the one time he was playing cat-n-mouse with Morrissey in Los Angeles at a book store. Dustin also brought a guest with him, the lovely filmmaker, Vanessa. You will hear her chime in on some stories as well.

If you loved Dustin's music, you can learn more about the artists in the blog, here.

Band Name Or Bar Name takes us to Columbia, South America. See if you can guess along with Dustin, Vanessa and Maggi before clicking the links!

Then we head back in time to Dustin's First Concert, the jagged memory of his Last Concert and we share every one's Last Concert stories before wrapping up the show.

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Episode 68: Zahra Ali


This episode starts out with something NEW called Maggi & Me Mood Music. Both hosts, Maggi Mayfield and David Earl Waterman set up the show with the music that reflects their mood. Then we meet, comedian and actress, Zahra Ali. 

Right off the bat, we learn that Zahra and Maggi both grew up in New Jersey. She explains her hustle in Los Angeles and the show she runs called Facial Recognition Comedy before we jump into her #Fave5 songs.


She takes us through her upbringing with strick Muslim parents that didn't allow music in the house and how her mom let her sneak it in! She talks about when she first started having crushes, the one band that her family bonded over, how she handled not being allowed to attend school dances/functions, and life as a bicoastal comedian fighting the social norm. 

If you liked her songs, you can check out all the YTunes Shuffle Song Nuggets on her #Fave5 here.

This week, Band Or Bar takes us to Miami, FL. Try and guess along with Zahra and Maggi before clicking the links. Then we wrap up with the story of her First Concert and the Last Concert she went to.

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Episode 67: Adam Chester


Adam Chester is a songwriter, singer, pianist, author, and most notably, Elton John's surrogate. Which mean, Adam rehearses the band for Elton and sometimes, even teaches Elton his own songs that he may have forgotten.

Through his Fave5 songs, Adam talks about growing up and only child with his "SMother," what it was like being teased for looking like a member of the Bee Gees and how the led him to his wife, how working in a record store led to him eventually working for Elton John, and how he, as a parent, struggles with trying to encourage his kid to play music (and not use cuss words in his rap).

Get fun nuggets on all the songs you heard on our blog.

Our Game Show Band Or Bar takes us to Salem, OR. Try to guess along with Adam and Maggi before you click the links. Then Adam describes a horrific First Concert Story before we wrap up with his Last Concert.

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Episode 66: Brian Scolaro


Brian Scolaro is a nationally touring comedian and television actor, recognizable from shows like Madmen, I'm Dying Up here, Girl Meets Word, Superior DOnuts, Conan, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, and Dexter, to name a few. He takes us through his #Fave5 songs and tell stories about growing up in New York, family vacations, being an intern at a major studio, going through the fake audition process, asshole ex girlfriends, and just how crazy college was for him...like so crazy, how to clear a room full of girls with one song.

Get a peek into the YTunes Nuggets on the artists he chose by clicking here.

He talks about living with MS, and his spin on social media before we get into our favorite game show, Band Or Bar! See if you can guess along with Brian and Maggi before clicking the links.

We wrap up with the most "embarrassing" First Concert and Last Concert stories. See Brian live near you and stay in touch on Twitter, or Instagram.

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Episode 65: Kudisan Kai


Kudisan Kai is a busy singer/songwriter who toured as a back up singer with Elton John and Chaka Khan. She stops by the show to share all original music or songs that she has performed. Each of these peices are important milestones not only in her life, but in her career. She discusses everything from her first love who introduced her to rock music, what it was like growing up in a music-less home in Memphis, how she became a the youngest singer in a professional opera company, and the first song she wrote that Sir Elton John heard that gave her the confidence she needed to continue to pursue writing music.

Her Songs are titled: "Fade Into Oblivion," "If You Loved Me," "Beautiful," "Everlasting Love," and "Lovin' You at Howard University Jazz Ensemble."
This week we find ourselves in Chicago for Band Or Bar (try to see if you guess it correctly!) before we learn about Kudisan's First and Last Concert. Plus, she shares a secret about performing music for a living.
She has a new book out called Memoirs of A Backup Diva and an album that just came out called The Healing. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to see her on a stage near you!
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