Episode 47: Alex Angelikis


This week, Maggi and David were grateful to have Marine Corps Veteran and Actor, Alex Angelikis join the show. We talked a lot about Boot Camp, dealing with PTSD, the growing pains of being different in school and in your early 20's and finally, a veteran's Point Of View on the Colin Kaepernick NFL kneeling issue.

Maggi and David were so intrigued by his Heavy Metal Fave 5 and really learned a lot about what happens when a service member comes home with PTSD and discovering that being Different...is a power!


Band Or Bar takes us to Billings, Montana...but don't click on the links. See if you can guess along before learning about Alex's Guilty Pleasure and First Concert.


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Episode 46: David Interviews Maggi


This episode was dug up from the archives and originally recorded as a practice run through on October 21, 2016 when David and Maggi were working out the kinks of the show before inviting their very first guest, ever!


You'll hear the co-hosts chat about some fundamentals of building the show and promotions before digging into Maggi's Fave 5 songs!


Through her music, Maggi shares the story of moving in the middle of high school after her parent's divorce from New Jersey to California and the kind of straight edge kids she hung around. She talks about a vivid moment in those iconic car rides between houses where her dad stepped up to answer a very awkward question.

She moved often in her adult life chasing her radio dream and she talks about her first morning show job and why it may have been the creepiest job ever. Maggi also skims the surface on the story of one man she really loved, and takes us full circle back to New Jersey and one of the most awkward moments in school.

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Episode 3: Melanie Vesey


YTunes is up to some fun...and we've been digging in the archives for your listening pleasure!


Melanie Vesey is a nationally touring comedian and starred in "Man On The Moon" with Jim Carey. She also recently recorded her live album "Wild Animals." This episode originally aired on our previous SoundCloud platform on 11/29/2016.


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Episode 2: Blake Wexler


Blake Wexler is a nationally touring comedian from Pennsylvania and has worked on the Key & Peele Show. His episode was originally uploaded on Soundcloud on 11/05/2017. 

Episode 1: Jeff Husbands


YTunes Shuffle is getting nostalgic, all for your listening pleasure!

Jeff Husbands was the very first guest on the show...his episode was uploaded on Soundcloud on 10/29/2016. Jeff Husbands runs several very successful comedy shows and mics in Los Angeles. He is an army veteran and now works closely with Adam Barnhardt.

Episode 45: Chris Cope


Nationally touring stand up comedian Chris Cope joins the show to share his Fave 5 songs. He talks about growing up in Gainesville, FL, the kind of person Gene Simmons REALLY is, and one celebrity he'd love to have lunch with. Chris opens up about the biggest mistake he made at 23 years old and how to know just when you are "ready" to move to Los Angeles for comedy. Plus, he just confirms how Twitter can help you fall in love!


Band or Bar Takes us to Savannah, Georgia before he shares his Guilty Pleasure, First Concert and Corner of The Internet.


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Episode 44: William Mark McCullough


The actor/direct William Mark McCullough (American Made, Massacre On Aisle 12) happened to be in Los Angeles and made time to visit the YTunes Shuffle studios to share his Fave 5! We talk about growing up in a trailer park in Georgia and his drive to not be poor as an adult. He shares all of the crazy characters that lived there and what it was like being the oldest in a house of 5 kids.

He shares the story of how he was bitten by the acting bug and that before acting, his first career was in law! Mark's dad plays a special role in his life and in his father's passing, tv opportunities were knocking on his door. Literally.

Band or Bar takes us to Sioux City, Iowa. Don't click on the links. See if you can guess which one is which along with Mark and Maggi. His First Concert was amongst a bunch of "old people" but in the same evening, got scammed! 

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Episode 43: Andrew Steele


The Creative Director from Funny Or Die, Andrew Steele drops by the studio to share his unique Fave 5 songs. We learn all about growing up in small town Iowa and coming to NYC to work on SNL. He shares a few highlights of working on the sketch comedy show and times when things went horribly wrong.

We share stories of first loves and how to get in the zone when trying to "write." Plus Andrew shares a lot about his time in New York and what it's like working with Will Ferrell.

Then, during everyone's favorite game, Band or Bar, we head to Hollywood, FL, before learning about an unusual Guilty Pleasure and his AMAZING accidental First Concert.


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