Episode 46: David Interviews Maggi


This episode was dug up from the archives and originally recorded as a practice run through on October 21, 2016 when David and Maggi were working out the kinks of the show before inviting their very first guest, ever!


You'll hear the co-hosts chat about some fundamentals of building the show and promotions before digging into Maggi's Fave 5 songs!


Through her music, Maggi shares the story of moving in the middle of high school after her parent's divorce from New Jersey to California and the kind of straight edge kids she hung around. She talks about a vivid moment in those iconic car rides between houses where her dad stepped up to answer a very awkward question.

She moved often in her adult life chasing her radio dream and she talks about her first morning show job and why it may have been the creepiest job ever. Maggi also skims the surface on the story of one man she really loved, and takes us full circle back to New Jersey and one of the most awkward moments in school.

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