Episode 44: William Mark McCullough


The actor/direct William Mark McCullough (American Made, Massacre On Aisle 12) happened to be in Los Angeles and made time to visit the YTunes Shuffle studios to share his Fave 5! We talk about growing up in a trailer park in Georgia and his drive to not be poor as an adult. He shares all of the crazy characters that lived there and what it was like being the oldest in a house of 5 kids.

He shares the story of how he was bitten by the acting bug and that before acting, his first career was in law! Mark's dad plays a special role in his life and in his father's passing, tv opportunities were knocking on his door. Literally.

Band or Bar takes us to Sioux City, Iowa. Don't click on the links. See if you can guess which one is which along with Mark and Maggi. His First Concert was amongst a bunch of "old people" but in the same evening, got scammed! 

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