Episode 42: Pete Downing


This special episode, one of the musicians from Adam Sandler's band, Pete Downing stopped by to share his cool Fave5. We learn about how he dropped out of high school, smoked pot on the way to take the SAT's and left Massachussetts to go to Florida to be a drug smuggler...yet somehow managed to finish college.

Pete and David reminisce about how they lived together for a brief time and how it ended so awkwardly. Pete shares his fears of the boogeyman, his sexual awakening song, his "becoming a citizen song" and recalls "bussing" as an adolescent because a young African American girl lived with them, and all about early protests and running away to Philadelphia on a bus.


We head to Amsterdam for this week's Band Or Bar before we get to his Guilty Pleasure and incredible First Concert story.


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Episode 41: Lank & Earl


The infamous duo that got their comedy start in the 80's in San Fransisco, Lank & Earl, joins the show! Barry Lank and Jim Earl met in California and retell the story of how they came to know David.

They birthed famous 'bits' like the "Farting Elvis" bit and the Stamp Song from Jim's one man show with 12 people in it.

We dissect their home lives and they couldn't be more opposite. They share war stories of going on the road and nabbing their first gigs in the entertainment business.

Will they ever get on stage together again? Probably not, but they did talk about the best way to ruin someone else's make out session!

This week Band Or Bar went to Tokyo! Don't click the links yet! Try to guess along with the gang and see if you get it right!


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Episode 40: Ashley Levy


Joining Maggi and David on the show today is singer/songwriter Ashley Levy! You might recognize her most notable work on the show RuPaul's Drag Race! 

The show opens with the gang just talking shop about the entertainment biz. Then we learn her love of music comes from her dad...who is strangely very contemporary and even makes fun of Ashley for how she consumes her music. Then she dishes on how technology CAN work in your favor in modern romance.

We get right into her Fave5 and learn about growing up with grandparents, how Christmas worked in a split Italian/Jewish/divorced/step-family home.  The answer is honey balls. Aways honey balls.


Ashley gets particularly insightful discussing her relationship with her grandparents and what it was like growing up with a much older generation of people.

She has an intense love for car shows and we find out about her first "job job."

It's not until much later Ashley reveals a pretty big secret about her love for music and the kind of art she makes.


Band or Bar takes us to Rohnert Park, CA in Sonoma County. Don't click on the link! See if you can guess which is which!
Ashley has a quizzical Guilty Pleasure and an "embarrassing" First Concert.

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Episode 39: Anyi Malik


Maggi and David are thrilled to welcome, nationally touring comedian, Anyi Malik, who not only has a new album out on iTunes (Pop Grits) but is also featured in the latest Carl's Jr. television commercial campaign...which they talk about at length!

Anyi talks about his start in comedy in the San Francisco area and how his father was actually very supportive of him. School was tough because friends did not come easily. His enlightened parents taught him about the true history of his surroundings and that critical thinking process made it difficult for Anyi to succeed in school socially and academically.

Anyi shares a particular reggae song featured in his favorite movie but the lyrics are jolting. Maggi counters with a song with a great beat but questionable lyrics...Anyi assures her its "not that bad."

We learn that his dad pushed him into performing at a very young age, reading poetry in cafes, that his first car was just the thing to help him learn how to flirt and impress girls, and that driving on road trips was better broken down into albums...not hours.

His mom also loved music...but she listened to it in a particularly strange way that annoyed Anyi. Another song makes him think of a woman whom he really loved, who is unfortunately no longer with us today. We celebrate her through the power of song.


Band or Bar heads to Providence, RI; don't click the link yet! See if you can guess the correct answer along with Anyi and Maggi.

Anyi's Guilty Pleasure is reminiscent of his lost love and First Concert story is a real 'first' for YTunes Shuffle.

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