Episode 40: Ashley Levy


Joining Maggi and David on the show today is singer/songwriter Ashley Levy! You might recognize her most notable work on the show RuPaul's Drag Race! 

The show opens with the gang just talking shop about the entertainment biz. Then we learn her love of music comes from her dad...who is strangely very contemporary and even makes fun of Ashley for how she consumes her music. Then she dishes on how technology CAN work in your favor in modern romance.

We get right into her Fave5 and learn about growing up with grandparents, how Christmas worked in a split Italian/Jewish/divorced/step-family home.  The answer is honey balls. Aways honey balls.


Ashley gets particularly insightful discussing her relationship with her grandparents and what it was like growing up with a much older generation of people.

She has an intense love for car shows and we find out about her first "job job."

It's not until much later Ashley reveals a pretty big secret about her love for music and the kind of art she makes.


Band or Bar takes us to Rohnert Park, CA in Sonoma County. Don't click on the link! See if you can guess which is which!
Ashley has a quizzical Guilty Pleasure and an "embarrassing" First Concert.

Catch up with her on Instagram and while you are at it...check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Thanks and enjoy the show.

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