Episode 41: Lank & Earl


The infamous duo that got their comedy start in the 80's in San Fransisco, Lank & Earl, joins the show! Barry Lank and Jim Earl met in California and retell the story of how they came to know David.

They birthed famous 'bits' like the "Farting Elvis" bit and the Stamp Song from Jim's one man show with 12 people in it.

We dissect their home lives and they couldn't be more opposite. They share war stories of going on the road and nabbing their first gigs in the entertainment business.

Will they ever get on stage together again? Probably not, but they did talk about the best way to ruin someone else's make out session!

This week Band Or Bar went to Tokyo! Don't click the links yet! Try to guess along with the gang and see if you get it right!


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