Rebekah Kochan


This is the first episode in a two part series of The Couples Of Comedy. Chad Ridgely sits in as co-host to the owners/managers of Golden Artists Entertainment. Dante Rusciolelli and Rebekah Kochan share their #Fave5 songs.


Up first, Rebekah, brought up in Las Vegas, Nevada with two younger brothers. She started working at the age of 13 years old and moved to Los Angeles to continue pursuing her passion of acting and performing at 17 years old. 

Through her song choices we learn all about visiting her aunt with a cool juke box in the living room, attending her brothers Rubix Cube events, how her dad held back really great stories about famous people, and how remarkable her relationship with her husband is and continues to grow. Learn more about the artists and songs on our blog! 

We find out the entire room's "First CD," Rebekah's close encounter with an N'Sync member, and her First and Last Concert before wrapping up.

Rebekah is laugh out loud funny and with the company of Chad and Dante, you'll want to see them all perform stand up sometime.


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