Quinton Flynn


Quinton Flynn is a multi-talented personality. Known for his work in voice overs (No More Heroes, Kingdom Hearts III, Star Wars: The Old Republic), Quinton also acts, writes, sings, plays in a band and is even working on his stand up comedy!

Through his Fave5 songs, we learn about his upbringing in Cleveland, Ohio and what makes this such a unique place to grow up, his first band and their major successes for high school kids, and his general principles of living every day by responding in love.

This is a HIGH energy episode and if you don't recognize who's talking...it's one of Quinton's many character-voices.

If you loved the music, check out all of the songs and more details about the artists on our blog!

We play Band Or Bar out of San Francisco before deep diving into his First and Last Concert Experiences.

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