Miles Crawford


Maggi & David explore the world of music virtually with their guests in a series of #QuarantineEpisodes. First up, musician, performer and director, Miles Crawford!

MILES CRAWFORD is a filmmaker and performer in Los Angeles. He had big success with films like “I Forgot My Phone,” and “Drum Off” which premiered at LACMA and even featured on The Huffington Post.

Miles has performed extensively with the Off-Broadway show STOMP and has played drums for Eminem, Ringo Starr, Red Hot Chili Pepers, & Art Garfunkel.

Through his #Fave5 songs, we learn all about how baseball brought him and his father closer, the song that brought him into the world of directing AND touring the world like a rock star, and the music that keeps him and his wife humble and romantic.

If you like the songs you can check out the full versions and all the YTunes Shuffle Nuggets in our blog.


Then we head off to Flagstaff, AZ for Band Or Bar before diving into his First and Last Concert stories.

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