Jonah Koslen


JONAH KOSLEN is most known for his work with the Michael Stanley Band (MSB). A composer, producer and performer, Koslen has written some of rock n'roll's best songs including "Waste A Little Time On Me,” “Strike Up The Band” and “Nothings Gonna Change My Mind.”
Koslen left MSB in 1977 to work with another successful band, Breathless, the following year. Breathless had the distinct pleasure to open for KISS.
Through his Fave5 songs, we talk about Beatlemania, how rock n'roll has changed since the 80's, the first time he remembers hearing his song on the radio, and his musical hero! Plus his lovely wife, Melissa joins in on the fun to discuss their very clear opposition on one particular song.
If you love the music you heard in the episode, there is a YTunes Shuffle Blog that has the songs posted in full, with a few little nuggets of information about the artist/song.
Then we head off to Cleveland for Band Or Bar before finishing the episode with his First and Last Concert stories.
Jonah can be found on Twitter and Instagram.
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