Jennifer Vally


Jennifer Vally is a writer and producer at The Game Show Network, who also worked as a writer for The Disney Chanel and is also a comedian originally from San Diego, now living in Los Angeles.

Through her Fave5 songs, we learn all about her trouble making days in high school with her best friend including one VERY close call. She describes getting started in stand up comedy (and giving birth...almost at the same time) and what gave her the confidence that she could "make it" in this business. Plus, her music takes us through her young adolescence and the feelings of finally being free. And a surprise American track that reminds her of an excellent trip to England.

Jennifer is super, high energy and even gets Maggi and David talking about their high school experiences including first apartment stories.

If you loved her music and want to hear the entire song or learn more about the artist, check out the YTunes Nuggets on our blog.

Then we head to Northern England for Band Or Bar before we learn about her First and Last Concert experiences. Follow Jennifer on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with her work.

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