Episode 70: Max Fitelson


Max Fitelson is the lead singer and head of the Max Fite Band. In studio, he brought his bassist Carl Raether, and together, we learn a lot about the LA based band, how growing up in Seattle led to trouble for Max and what Carl did to keep out of trouble growing up in Virginia.

The music informs the shared soundtrack to their lives, including a battle with alcohol, picking up instruments later in life, the group's mutual love for Back To The Future, and how this all led to the band performing alongside their heroes.

If you loved the #Fave5 Max brought, check out more about the songs and the artists on our blog, here.

We take our guests all the way to Portland, Maine for a round of Band Or Bar. See if you get this week's game correct before clicking on the links.

Then we learn about an epic First Concert and Last concert before wrapping up the show. Follow the band on Facebook and Instagram and get the latest tour information on their website maxfiteband.com


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