Episode 69: Dustin David


We open the show with a quick "Maggi and Me's Mood Music" a segment where we get a deeper look into how our hosts Maggi Mayfield and David Earl Waterman are jamming on right now. Dustin David, comic, writer and performer, joins the show and we reminisce how our mutual friend Melanie Vesey (Episode 3) was just working on her stand up album.

Dustin shares the story of his life through his #Fave5 songs: How he grew up in Maine and the crappy jobs he had before he was a cool kid, what it took for him to get sober, his surprising time working with a burlesque troop, practicing for his stand up comedy album, Something Pretentious, and the one time he was playing cat-n-mouse with Morrissey in Los Angeles at a book store. Dustin also brought a guest with him, the lovely filmmaker, Vanessa. You will hear her chime in on some stories as well.

If you loved Dustin's music, you can learn more about the artists in the blog, here.

Band Name Or Bar Name takes us to Columbia, South America. See if you can guess along with Dustin, Vanessa and Maggi before clicking the links!

Then we head back in time to Dustin's First Concert, the jagged memory of his Last Concert and we share every one's Last Concert stories before wrapping up the show.

Dustin is a traveling comedian and you can keep up with him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Thank you for listening to the show, and you can get more content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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