Episode 67: Adam Chester


Adam Chester is a songwriter, singer, pianist, author, and most notably, Elton John's surrogate. Which mean, Adam rehearses the band for Elton and sometimes, even teaches Elton his own songs that he may have forgotten.

Through his Fave5 songs, Adam talks about growing up and only child with his "SMother," what it was like being teased for looking like a member of the Bee Gees and how the led him to his wife, how working in a record store led to him eventually working for Elton John, and how he, as a parent, struggles with trying to encourage his kid to play music (and not use cuss words in his rap).

Get fun nuggets on all the songs you heard on our blog.

Our Game Show Band Or Bar takes us to Salem, OR. Try to guess along with Adam and Maggi before you click the links. Then Adam describes a horrific First Concert Story before we wrap up with his Last Concert.

Find more of Adam's work on his website and stay up to date with him on Instagram.

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