Episode 64: Monique Wyatt


Monique Wyatt is a creative writer and stand up comedian. She weaves us through her upbringing in Chicago and Los Angeles, what it was that got her kicked out of school, and what it felt like when she met her husband. Monique is sharp and hilarious and takes a few hard left turns in her stories, so just when you think you know where the story is going, it ends totally different! Which is what we like about her!

Check out all the nuggets about her #Fave5 songs on the blog. Then, play along with Band Or Bar as David takes us to Michigan, but see if you can guess along with Monique and Maggi!

Then, the show wraps up with the stories of Moniques First and Last Concert. Keep up with her on Facebook! Then make sure to stay connected to the show and reach out with questions or comments on your favorite social media platform, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Thanks for listening!

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