Episode 62: Alex D’Lerma


Alex D'Lerma is a former radio personality turned actor turned filmmaker. He runs the Cinema Gym in Burbank, CA (a studio for actors and directors to continue to work out and hone their skills). Plus, he just released his latest film "Fear, Love and Agoraphobia." Through Alex's #Fave5 we learn that he is obsessed with your host, David Earl Waterman's 3-names, what it was like growing up the youngest of 6 kids in a small agricultural town, how he got started in the performing arts and his journey since then. We learn lots of life lessons about staying positive and doing-the-work. Plus, there was so much content it couldn't all fit into this information packed-episode. Check out This B-Side track where Alex explains how to know when your movie is "done."

Your host, Maggi Mayfield, had a lot of fun learning about Alex's #Fave5 songs and came up with some really interesting YTunes Nuggets. If you want to learn more about any of the music you hear, check out some facts here.


Band Name Or Bar Name takes us to Paris, France. See if you can guess along with Alex and Maggi as David butchers the French pronunciations.

We wrap up the show with a sneak peak into Alex's First and Last Concert. Keep up with Alex on his website and check out his latest film, "Fear, Love, And Agoraphobia."


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