Episode 57: Harry Howard


This week's episode features Harry Howard, an up and coming super star actor who runs his own podcast called "Podcrashers with Harry Howard," a talk show "Harry And Kelly," and also runs the studio space that this episode was engineered in: Global Voice Broadcasting. 

Harry BROUGHT his #Fave5 songs with him (which you can read all about the juicy YTunes Shuffle Nuggest on his music here.)

We discover that Harry uses his music to meditate and really formulate was he wants out of life. He talks about envisioning his professional future, what college was like when you start your own fraternity, and how past mistakes as an intern helped shape his current humble and grateful attitude. He also describes what he wants out of a romantic relationship with a very surprising song.

Then we head to Stratford-upon-Avon for Band Or Bar. See if you can guess it correctly as well! Harry dives into his First Concert and then tells the tale of his Last Concert before we learn how to connect with him on Instagram and Twitter.

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