Episode 56: Fiona Goodwin


Fiona Goodwin spent some quality time with the show despite being a very busy comedian working on debuting her One Woman Show: "A Very British Lesbian."

Fiona brought her Fave 5 songs and shared all about how she grew up in the English countryside. Her songs wove us through stories of being a high schooler looking for an answer to why she was attracted to women. Instead, she found a friend who introduced her to the church. She studied for years and travelled all over the world on missions running from her truth. Fiona details an exorcism performed on her, falling in love on the set of a church play, and road tripping all over Europe with the love of her life.

Band Or Bar takes us to Berkley, CA and then Fiona dives into her very surprising First Concert before rounding out the show with the Last Concert story.

The entire episode was recorded on Easter so there is a running joke about Fiona's obsession with Cadbury's Eggs. Hope you enjoy the episode.

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