Episode 55: Mia Korf


You may remember this week's guest on the tv show, One Life To Live. Mia grew up in Ithaca, New York and was actually classmates with co-host David Earl Waterman. Mia shares what it was like growing up as Asian in a white town, having a scientific dad and artistic mother, raised on all the music. She talks about the significance of David Bowie on the world, and how it's never to late to cross items off a bucket list. She rounds out her Fave 5 songs with a song that puts words to the feeling of sending your kid off to college and what songs and composers seem to have the pulse of what human longing sounds like.

We play Band Or Bar in Cook County, MN before diving into her First and Last Concert experiences.

Want to know more about the music? Get all the delicious YTunes Nuggets about Mia's Fave5 songs here.


Mia plays in a band called Play'N Lucky in the Los Angeles area and you can find her partner's new venture Leaf Cuisine here.


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