Episode 53: Tuesday Thomas


Kicking off Season 3 in style with the self proclaimed “Punk Rock Cher,” Tuesday Thomas, comedian and producer of Los Angeles’ most successful live show Freak Show LA joins the gang!

She brings her Fave 5 songs and we loved the stories. Everything from sneaking mom’s medicine, to drugs, shitty relationships, the closest person to the Manson murders either Maggi or David has ever met, plus her philosophy on where to go from here, kids, and how much we all love Cher.

Plus, Maggi debuts a new feature called “YTunes Nugget,” where David picks one song out of our guests’ Fave 5 to get more information on the artist or song. See all 5 Nuggest on Facebook.


Band Or Bar goes to Maggi’s birthplace of Princeton, NJ. Try not peak and guess along with Tuesday and Maggi. Then, find out the story of her First Concert, and Last concert.


Then connect with her online on Twitter and Instagram. As always, YTunes Shuffle is on Facebook, Insta, and Twitter and taking your songs/stories or sponsor requests at ytunesshuffle@gmail.com.


Happy 2018 and welcome back to the show!

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