Episode 52: Danny Vermont


Season 2 comes to a close with a whopper of a guest, Danny Vermont! He is a comedian and writer and you might recognize his work from "Real Time With Bill Maher," "Politically Incorrect," and "Pauly Shore's Pauly-tics."


We jump right into how Danny and Dave met...and then reconnected (without Facebook). His 5 songs bring us mostly back to the good old college days in Ithica New York. We learn about Danny's high school years, his first open mic experience, how one famous comedian inspired him to go to college, growing up with a mom as a school teacher and about the dark secrets of Los Angeles.

Don't think you won't get a nice legalized pot talk in there...plus, Band Or Bar takes us to Ethiopia and it's a doozy. Try playing along before you click the links. Danny's Guilty Pleasure is hilarious, and his First and Last Concert will make you sentimental.

Danny has a string of shows...keep up with him on Facebook.  Then make sure to pop over to the YTunes Shuffle Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up with what guests are coming up and all the places we'll be!

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