Episode 50: Shawna Baca


Shawna Baca is our guest this week; fresh off of directing a music video, currently in production with two documentaries, Shawna also manages to find time to organized the American Latin Film Festival sponsored by Nosotros, and also sits on the Advisory Board of the East Los Angeles Chicano Film Festival Cin Sin Fin.


Shawna is quite the "rock chick" with purple hair, but starts us off with an unending love for Madonna and closes the Fave 5 out with a Christmas song.

In between we talk going from being a straight A student, going into continuation school, learning about her close friends, how she gets back into public school and then what it was like going to college as an adult.

Her family has an interesting coicidence as she and her 5 year younger sister, share the same narrative where their fathers' passed away as babies.

Band Or Bar takes us to Byron Bay Australia. Then we learn of her naughty Guilty Pleasure, First Concert and Last Concert.


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