Episode 49: Cassie Dang


This week's guest not only worked as an entertainment lawyer, but now runs her own company, Dang Entertainment, managing comedians.

Cassie describes how she accidentally started managing comedians. Her first passion was actually to be on Broadway. Her mother is a Vietnamese singer and sang alongside her mother as a young girl in the United States. Cassie is the only American born citizen in her family and talks a lot about the family dynamics and respect given to her older brothers and sisters.

We share our favorite musicals and a few high school memories (Maggi and Cassie graduated Irvine High School in Orange County, CA together).

Plus, what kids from Irvine got into in high school…and it was surprisingly innocent…until her bff graduated early. Then she got into some crazy shenangians. Plus she was the person who threw all the parties.

And we celebrate a family member who is no longer with us but is remembered for his service and his long important talks with Cassie.  

Band or Bar takes us to KOS, Island Greece. Then we wrap up with her not-so-guilty pleasure, surprising First Concert and her Corner of The Internet.


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