Episode 38: Dave Joseph


This week's guest is a long time friend of Maggi's from her start in radio. Currently, the voice of the LA Kings hockey team at Staples Center, Dave Joseph joins the show.

We learn quickly that Dave is a major sports fan...he is even a part owner of The Packers! He shares all about life growing up in a small town in rural Michigan and how his dad wanted him to take over the family business. One day one the job and Dave quit, and the next move he makes forever changed the trajectory of his life.

Dave had an incredible Fave5 songs where we learned how he won his first and only championship at 10 years old and what a celebration looked like, playing in a band and getting paid for church gigs, plus his incredible albeit naive journey to college in hopes of getting into radio in New York City! Dave has met some great broadcasters in his career including Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity as well as some amazing performers...liked Dave Grohl!


Band or Bar takes us to Long Beach Island New Jersey. Don't click on the link...try and guess with Dave and Maggi to see if you get it right!

You can find Dave Joseph on Instagram and Twitter or of course, at every home game the LA Kings play at The Staples Center.


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