Episode 36: Lahna Turner


Comedian, producer, writer, singer, filmmaker and actress Lahna Turner joins the show this week. Lahna shares the challenges of being a mom in entertainment, life post-divorce, and making her first comedy musical visual album, Limeade.


This episode is pretty dark in the sense that we talk about reoccuring dreams, sex, divorce, and heartbreak. But, the songs are incredibly inspiring and the basis of how she got started performing. Lahna grew up in Canada and Texas and shares memories of her very funny, yet introverted father, the best roommate she had in college and some unbelievable "can't believe this is happening to me" moments.


Band or Bar takes us to Jamaica. Try and guess along with Lahna and Maggi before clicking on the links to find out more. We discover her guilty pleasure when the kids finally get out of the car and the cool way she got into so many concerts in her 20s , for free!


Check out Lahna's album Limeade, and then follow her on Twitter and Instagram to stay abreast on her upcoming film project.


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