Episode 31: John Murphy


The YTunes Shuffle Podcast visits with radio legend/tv producer/comedy writer/voice over extraordinaire, John Murphy! Host Maggi Mayfield learns all about the long history between guest Murph and cohost, David Earl Waterman and how between the two of them, dear friend John Ennis is the center of the Universe.

John shares stories of long drives with his dad and where they would end up, how his mom ran an FBI sting in her home and why a Boston criminal cheered her up. His background in small town Massachussetts let him to some strange jobs and he describes what a typical Saturday night looked like in Randolph, MA. We also get to learn his 'Kryptonite" and how an album cover drove his mother crazy!

Eventually he would learn the art of writing comedy from Dennis Leary and even Wheel of Fortune made it into the episode because the show plays a big part in his career early on.

The room shares stories of our first loves before digging into a beautiful story from the Tune Squad. Our Listener of the week is David's mother, who shares a song that reminds her of him on his birthday. (This episode was recorded just before his birthday). To share a story and song of your own, please email ytunesshuffle@gmail.com.

In honor of David's Birthday, we also go back to Ithaca, NY, his hometown to play a round of Band or Bar, brought to you by M2M studios.

John's Guilty Pleasure and First Concert take us through the end of the episode; but don't worry, if you'd like to ask John more questions, or follow his work more closely, you can find him here! There are more stories that just didn't quite make the episode, and you can find those B-Side Tracks here!

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