Episode 30: Ernie G


Ernie G is a nationally touring empowerment comedian, shaping the lives of young people all of the country. Maggi Mayfield and David Earl Waterman where blown away the entire episode because sounds like he is smiling the entire time and his energy definitely matched his Fave 5 songs.

Ernie spills the beans on how Ricky Martin may have spoiled him early on in his comedy career, why he learned the fine art of balloon twisting and why making pinatas started his family in show business! He has an incredible relationship with his Tia, who is one of the only Latina Actresses to have won an Emmy.

We learn all about "cholos" and "chinos" and what it means exactly to "Go Around." Ernie also schools us on break dancing and rapping and demonstrates one of them. We also find out what his time after school was like at the Boys Club and who the heck is "Hair Bear."

Our Listener Story of The Week comes from Shara in Robinson, IL sharing a touching story about a song handed down from generation to generation. Band Or Bar brought to you by M2M Studios, takes us all the way to Dublin, Ireland.

Make sure to check out all the B-Side Tracks that didn't make the final cut as Ernie describes his mama, how he met Maggi, and when he catches himself turning into an 'old man.'


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