Episode 27: Chad Ridgely


Chad Ridgely is a national touring comedian, who happens to have written and produced and starred in his first feature length comedy/horror film "Massacre On Aisle 12." He has another feature film coming out later this year and is working on a documentary about the underground comedy scene in Southern California. What makes Chad so dynamic isn't just his excellent comedic timing, it's the layers of personality due to years spent as a police officer in Washington D.C. and working security detail for the likes of celebrities like Michael Jackson.

Chad shares his fave five and talks about how he accidentally fell into police work, how being the funny guy on the squad translates into his stand up, how a play he saw in NYC pushed him to leave a girl friend and move to Los Angeles, how he made friends effortlessly when he moved to the West Coast and his philosophy on life.

"Band or Bar" takes place in Lubbock, Texas where we discover what exactly makes a good dive bar...according to Chad. His first concert takes us full circle to his most famous securty detail client.

This episode is deep and inspiring and full of plenty of laughs. Find Chad Ridgely on Instagram or Twitter; then check out the extras that could make the cut but were definitely worth sharing.

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