Episode 21: Marcelous Sammuel


Comedian/Radio Personality Maggi Mayfield & Hollywood's Secret Weapon David Earl Waterman host this show where the music informs the interview.

Today, comedian, producer, writer, creator and improvisor Marcelous Sammuel shares the soundtrack of his life.

Kendrick Lamar "Nostalgia," Nina Simone "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood," Tina Marie "Deja Vu," Childish Gambino "Bonfire," and Korn "Make Me Bad" were his Fave Five Songs.

Marcelous discussed how he and his best friend became close because of a terrifying accident; how playing video games was near impossible growing up in South Central LA, and the man who made him want to become a cop. Through the music we find out the unusual way he met his wife and why she said no the first time he proposed, how super heroes help him perservere and what Disneyland was like for him the first time (as an adult).

He also explains how shopping is really different for young black men and that growing up in his house, his family would drag him out of bed at 2am to dance. A big moment of success came was when he got to play (and write in) the 'Black Cupid' character in the school play.

We also learn his endearing pronunciation of his Guilty Pleasure artist. Enjoy this episode with Marcelous Sammuel.

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