Damienne Merlina


This week, it's just the ladies! Damienne Merlina is a stand up comedian, painter, activist and all around kind human. She has so many voices that she will drop on a dime during the episode, hang tight. This is a fun ride!

Damienne, through her music, shares all about how she started in stand up comedy, grew up with 7 brothers, loves the honesty of children, and how music not only helps her heal, but helps her laugh.

Hear her six songs and then check out more on all of the artists in our YTunes Shuffle Song Nuggets Blog. https://ytunesshuffle.blogspot.com/2019/04/damienne-merlina-ytunes-shuffle-song.html


We wrap up with a few PSA's from our positive punk-rocker before hearing the First and Last Concert stories. Talk music, comedy and art with Daminne on her Instagram https://www.instagram.com/whatsinadame/



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