Marissa Godinez


Marissa Godinez is a talented actor, singer, performer, world traveler, Spanish speaker from Hawaii and most recently in an award winning film called, "Irresponsible."

Through her Fave 5 songs, we learn about the importance of Deja Vu experiences, a spark in a kiss, how her parents worked together long before the met in Hawaii, and what it was like growing up in the 90s in Paradise. Marissa is talented as she is wise as she is "chill," sharing her newfound wisdom on the importance of going home.

If you loved her music, check out our blog which has more details and "Nuggets" of the music and the artists she picked.

We then play Band Or Bar before learning about her obvious First Concert Experience (Blink 182) and Last Concert. Follow her career and passions on Facebook and Instagram.

Troy DeVolld


Troy DeVolld is a writer, producer, fine arts lover and most interestingly, a vintage TV remote collector.

He wrote the book, "Reality TV" which is considered the bible of writing for reality television. He started on MTV's show "Fear" and eventually worked on "The Osbornes."

Through his Fave 5 songs, we learn about his very amazing upbringing, how he met Lily Tomlin, made a documentary about Allie Willis (Earth Wind & Fire), and how he feels the future of reality tv will pan out.

If you loved the songs, you can find more information on them in our BLOG.

Then we play Band Or Bar in Minocqua, WI before diving into his stories of First and Last Concert.

Troy can be found on Twitter. Thank you for listening and would love to connect with you.



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