Margo Bateman


Margo Bateman is a comedian and actress from Philadelphia. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue the creative passion of stand up after her parents passed away very young. Don't let the tragic beginnings deter you; she has big heart and shares stories of trying to figure out her way around Catholic school, the best road trip EVER, the first time she heard "sex" in music, and a hilarious take on her dad's funeral.

We then head to Austin, TX for Band Or Bar; find out more about each by clicking the links, before we wrap up with the stories of her First and Last Concert.

Did you love the songs? Read more about the artists and the music in our Blog!


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Doug Burch


Doug Burch is a voice over actor and actor have graced projects like Massacre on Aisle 12, The Grinch, Sing!, and Finding Dory. He was born into a military family, traveling the world at a young age before his parents settled down in Central Texas. Through his music, we learn about ALL of his art, staining glass, theater, and how his kids introduce him to new music.

If you liked the songs and want to know more about the music, check out the blog featuring those artsits.

Then we travel to Provincetown, MA, to play David's Band Or Bar! See if you can guess along with Maggi and Doug before clicking the links.

We wrap up with a great First and Last Concert.

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