Episode 76: Lawrence Rengert


Lawrence Rengert started his movie making career at UCLA as an art student. After directing and filming over 40 films, he made a drastic career change and started making music. 


Through his #Fave5 songs, we learn about growing up in a divorced family, the culture shock that is Los Angeles, going to college in The Netherlands, how to properly save for retirement, and then the group gets pretty philisophical in their discussion about the journey vs the destination.

Learn more about the music that inspires Lawrence's life with these YTunes Song Nuggets.


Band Name Or Bar Name heads to Sao Paulo, Brazil before we get the First and Last Concert Stories.

Check out Lawrence's music Chasing Rainbows, and follow him on Instagram.


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Episode 75: Jack Gogreve


Jack Gogreve is currently an actor and props master in Los Angeles. His greatest joys are coaching, being a parent, and hanging out with his wife! Jack was born and raised in New Orleans, LA and moved to Los Angeles to become a star!

Through his Fave5 songs, we learn how he wound up marrying his high school sweet heart, took two road trips across the country to get her to Los Angeles, how his first acting gig was an accident, and he reveals a deep seeded fear that resonates with host, David Earl Waterman. (Learn more about the songs you heard about on today's episode)

The gang plays Band Or Bar in Marrieta, GA...see if you can guess along with Maggi and Jack before clicking the links before we get into Jack's first and last concert stories.

We wrap up with Jack's amazing life turn around when he beat Type 2 Diabetes and dance our way out of the show.


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