Episode 61: Maureen Davis


Maureen Davis is a foundational cornerstone of the Rockabilly scene in Los Angeles. She is the front woman of her band Maureen and The Mercury 5. She is a fashion icon, lindy hop dancer and teacher at two locations of The School of Rock. Through her incredible music we learn about growing up in the Midwest, how her estranged dad got her to Los Angeles, and how working hard and dumb luck took this incredibley dramatic actress into some amazing roles on Broadway.

Her ability to say YES also landed her some fascinating roles in Hollywood as a singer/songwriter. Her story doesn't come without heartbreak and intense passion.


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Episode 60: Mothers Day Edition


This week hosts Maggi Mayfield and David Earl Waterman call on their moms to share an important song before they share a song about their moms. Not only do we learn that both mothers are incredibly similar, but both moms surprise the heck out of our hosts with stories Maggi and Dave have never heard before!


First we call David's mom, Barbara where she shares stories of protesting in Ithica, NY. Then we talk to Maggi's mom, Libby, where we learn about a very memorable Fourth of July weekend in Washington, DC.


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Episode 59: Maddison Bullock


Have you ever met a real life ice skater? Well get ready for Maddison Bullock; a professionally trained athlete who also happens to be a very talented movie actress and producer. Coming off the recent release of her film "ICE: The Movie," Maddison had a few minutes to share with us her #Fave5 songs. She shared the stories of growing up as an athlete in Colorado, what she THOUGHT dating was, dishing on her new boo (only a little), the music that makes her think of the incredible relationship with her mom, the first time she really discovered music on her own, and how she came to write, produce and score her film "ICE: The Movie."

If you like the music she picked you can learn more about her #Fave5 with these juicy YTunes Nuggets!

Then we play Band Or Bar which is in Berkley California, before we learn about her First and Last Concert stories.

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