Episode 25: Natasha Pearl Hansen


Comedian, actress and production company owner/founder Natasha Pearl Hansen, joins comedian/radio personality Maggi Mayfield and "Hollywood's Secret weapon, David Earl Waterman to share her Fave Five songs! She also reveals a few secret talents of her own, talks about how her grandparents fought through the Civil Rights Movement in their very special relationship, and how her family gave her a very balanced upbringing.

Dancer, singer and all around performer, Natasha definitely got into her fair share of trouble as a kid! Find out all about the first time her parents had to come pick her up for being arrested, the song that offended her parents and how a towel  became her infamous side hustle in Chicago.

Band or Bar takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa yet her first concert story will put you in the front seat of the pop scene in the late 90's.

Check out all of Natasha's comedy happenings on Twitter and Instagram as we take a ride in her first car, affectionately known as "The Beast."


Episode 24: Marko Babineau


Marko Babineau is one of the original rock music promoters. He has worked with artists like Patty Smith, Joe Jackson and The Kinks as well as touring with Aerosmith, Guns N Roses, and The Police.


Marko shares his unlikely start in the rock world, an amazing tribute to his late wife Lauren plus an amazing philosophy on how to really live. He dishes on what The Police were like, how long it took to break Guns N Roses and the shocking things Patty Smith would do on stage.


Band Or Bar takes place in Reykjavik, Iceland thanks to our last guest, Ian Bagg. Plus, his first concert is surprisingly….NOT a rock concert. Catch up with Marko on Facebook after getting the inside scoop of some of rock music’s favorite artists.


Episode 23: Maggi & David


YTunes Shuffle goes LIVE on Sunday, May 14th, so as a bonus episode, Maggi and David share a few of their own songs and talk about their current dating lives, Maggi's experience as a birth mother, and how David is coping with media in this politically charged world. They discuss what they look forward to in Season 2 and including more listener stories and songs. If you'd like to submit your song and story and be the Listener-Of-The-Show...please email us here, or send a message on Facebook.

Check out all of the details for the Season 2 Kickoff Party where YTunes Shuffle goes LIVE!


Episode 22: Ian Bagg


Comedians Maggi Mayfield and David Earl Waterman cohost a show where the music informs the guests' stories. This week, the duo are joined by comedian Ian Bagg (from "Late Night With Conan O'Brien," "The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson," "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," and "MVP2")

Through Ian's fave five songs, we learn all about growing up in Canada, the politeness of Canadian radio stations, and his big decision to leave home to become a comedian.  His first cassette tape may surprise you and the chores he did while listening to it on repeat will too!

Ian reveals his first big heartbreak, the loss of his dog and how he met his wife. Don't think you'll get out of this episode politically; Ian has a very interesting take on the United Airlines story and Kim Jong Un.

Band Or Bar is out of Salt Lake City and Ian surprises the show with a musical confession before his Guilty Pleasure.

Here is his Corner of the Internet.



Episode 21: Marcelous Sammuel


Comedian/Radio Personality Maggi Mayfield & Hollywood's Secret Weapon David Earl Waterman host this show where the music informs the interview.

Today, comedian, producer, writer, creator and improvisor Marcelous Sammuel shares the soundtrack of his life.

Kendrick Lamar "Nostalgia," Nina Simone "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood," Tina Marie "Deja Vu," Childish Gambino "Bonfire," and Korn "Make Me Bad" were his Fave Five Songs.

Marcelous discussed how he and his best friend became close because of a terrifying accident; how playing video games was near impossible growing up in South Central LA, and the man who made him want to become a cop. Through the music we find out the unusual way he met his wife and why she said no the first time he proposed, how super heroes help him perservere and what Disneyland was like for him the first time (as an adult).

He also explains how shopping is really different for young black men and that growing up in his house, his family would drag him out of bed at 2am to dance. A big moment of success came was when he got to play (and write in) the 'Black Cupid' character in the school play.

We also learn his endearing pronunciation of his Guilty Pleasure artist. Enjoy this episode with Marcelous Sammuel.


Episode 20: Jonathan Flanagan


Your hosts comedian/radio personality Maggi Mayfield and Hollywood's Secret Weapon David Earl Waterman, take you on a journey with our guests! Our guests share the soundtrack to their lives in this interview stlye show where the music is the star.

This week's guest is comedian and actor Jonathan Flanigan. He shares his fave five songs which include Ben Harper-"Walk Away," Digital Underground-"The Humpty Dance," Ty Dolla Sign Ft. The Weekend- "Or Nah," John Lennon-"Mother," and The Faces-"Oh La La (When I Was Younger).

He opens up about being an open crier, his years in improv and working at a murder mystery dinner theater, plus the underground world of female comedians in basketball leagues! Jonathan surprises us all when we tackle two serious questions: "Can you repeat material at an open mic?" and "How will babies be made without a mixtape?"

David facilitates another round of "Band Or Bar" and Maggi digs into the 'dad jokes' we grew up with. 



Episode 19: Grant M. Smith & DJ Nathon Snow


Comedian and radio personality Maggi Mayfield and Hollywood's Secret Weapon David Earl Waterman, take you on a musical adventure where our guests share their playlist and talk about the songs that inspire their lives.

This week, a YTunes Shuffle first, two comedians from the very successful podcast, "An Ounce Short," Grant M. Smith & DJ Nathon Snow.  They discuss the story of how they met and how Grant got banned from an open mic in Orange County, CA.

Nathon digs into his two songs first and goes on a love rant for the state of Maine, a rant about the show LOVE, and talks about the awkwardness of being a teenager in a place where everyone is so beautiful and rich. For example, could his mom really have planted his friends in a government conspiracy?

Grant shares his two music picks next,  discussing mental health issues, the best advice he got from comedian Doug Benson, why SnapChat is the real gateway drug, and a history lesson into the rave scene in Orange County.

Their fifth song they came up with together, which is affectionately called their "How I Met Your Mother" song.

David debuts a new game called "Band Or Bar," where the guests and Maggi have to figure out if the name he says is a band name or a local bar.

See if you can count how many times the room breaks into song lyrics. All of this and more because of the music that inspires our lives. 




Episode 18: Billy Batz


Comedian and radio personality Maggi Mayfield alongside Hollywood's Secret Weapon, David Earl Waterman dig in to talk about the underbelly of the comedy world for women. They also share their experience on Sam Seder's podcast "The Majority Report."

Our guest today is comedian, producer and musician, Billy Batz! He brings in his fave five songs and shares stories about regret, growing up in the foster system in upstate New York, where he learned to play music, performing an original hip hop song in a strip club, and why he (the hard core rocker) has a soft spot for country music. Then we dive into the usual "Guilty Pleasure" music, "Best Lyric" and "First Concert" segments. Check out Billy Batz on IG: @billybatz1 and Twitter @thebillybatz.


Episode 17: Chuck Sklar


Comedian and radio personality Maggi Mayfield along with Hollywood's Secret Weapon, David Earl Waterman take you through comedian's playlists and find out just WHY those songs are so important in their life. 

This episode of YTunes Shuffle features one of Conan O'Brien's original writers and one of Chris Rock's current writers, Chuck Sklar! He takes us through his fave five songs and talks about all 5 of the colleges he attended, the story of how Dave Chappelle made him want to quit comedy, and demonstrates his gay vampire character during karaoke. 


Episode 16: Ken Garr


Comedian and Radio Personality Maggi Mayfield along with Hollywoods Secret Weapon David Earl Waterman love nothing more than to talk msic and share stories with people who make art. Whether it's comedy, music or otherwise, each guest is doing something incredible to make their dreams come true in Los Angeles. Today's guest is no different.

Ken Garr is an established comedian originally from the South Side of Chicago, about to embark on his first USO tour. He also runs a very successful podcast called "Benched" with his cohost Bridget Phetasy. Ken brought his fave five songs and we discussed the commute and the danger to hang out with his first girl friend, how he was able to pay his fair share hanging out with buddies with his first part time job at the infamous Rainbow Cone, and how rap music became an important window into connecting with kids in his neighborhood as African American families started moving in and white families moved out.


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