Episode 62: Alex D’Lerma


Alex D'Lerma is a former radio personality turned actor turned filmmaker. He runs the Cinema Gym in Burbank, CA (a studio for actors and directors to continue to work out and hone their skills). Plus, he just released his latest film "Fear, Love and Agoraphobia." Through Alex's #Fave5 we learn that he is obsessed with your host, David Earl Waterman's 3-names, what it was like growing up the youngest of 6 kids in a small agricultural town, how he got started in the performing arts and his journey since then. We learn lots of life lessons about staying positive and doing-the-work. Plus, there was so much content it couldn't all fit into this information packed-episode. Check out This B-Side track where Alex explains how to know when your movie is "done."

Your host, Maggi Mayfield, had a lot of fun learning about Alex's #Fave5 songs and came up with some really interesting YTunes Nuggets. If you want to learn more about any of the music you hear, check out some facts here.


Band Name Or Bar Name takes us to Paris, France. See if you can guess along with Alex and Maggi as David butchers the French pronunciations.

We wrap up the show with a sneak peak into Alex's First and Last Concert. Keep up with Alex on his website and check out his latest film, "Fear, Love, And Agoraphobia."


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Episode 61: Maureen Davis


Maureen Davis is a foundational cornerstone of the Rockabilly scene in Los Angeles. She is the front woman of her band Maureen and The Mercury 5. She is a fashion icon, lindy hop dancer and teacher at two locations of The School of Rock. Through her incredible music we learn about growing up in the Midwest, how her estranged dad got her to Los Angeles, and how working hard and dumb luck took this incredibley dramatic actress into some amazing roles on Broadway.

Her ability to say YES also landed her some fascinating roles in Hollywood as a singer/songwriter. Her story doesn't come without heartbreak and intense passion.


Check out the YTunes Nuggets here.

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Episode 60: Mothers Day Edition


This week hosts Maggi Mayfield and David Earl Waterman call on their moms to share an important song before they share a song about their moms. Not only do we learn that both mothers are incredibly similar, but both moms surprise the heck out of our hosts with stories Maggi and Dave have never heard before!


First we call David's mom, Barbara where she shares stories of protesting in Ithica, NY. Then we talk to Maggi's mom, Libby, where we learn about a very memorable Fourth of July weekend in Washington, DC.


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Episode 59: Maddison Bullock


Have you ever met a real life ice skater? Well get ready for Maddison Bullock; a professionally trained athlete who also happens to be a very talented movie actress and producer. Coming off the recent release of her film "ICE: The Movie," Maddison had a few minutes to share with us her #Fave5 songs. She shared the stories of growing up as an athlete in Colorado, what she THOUGHT dating was, dishing on her new boo (only a little), the music that makes her think of the incredible relationship with her mom, the first time she really discovered music on her own, and how she came to write, produce and score her film "ICE: The Movie."

If you like the music she picked you can learn more about her #Fave5 with these juicy YTunes Nuggets!

Then we play Band Or Bar which is in Berkley California, before we learn about her First and Last Concert stories.

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Episode 58: Eban Schletter


Eban Schletter is a parody and commercial song writer, most notably for Spongebob and Mr. Show. He brought an incredible #Fave5 songs talking mostly about his upbringing in Northern California, his bizarre relationship with his sister, where he started to learn to play music, and the story of the first woman he really obsessed over.

Did you love Eban's #Fave5? Here are the YTunes Shuffle Nuggets to his songs.

Band name or Bar name takes us to Beachcomber, Fiji before wrapping up with his First and Last Concert Experience.

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Episode 57: Harry Howard


This week's episode features Harry Howard, an up and coming super star actor who runs his own podcast called "Podcrashers with Harry Howard," a talk show "Harry And Kelly," and also runs the studio space that this episode was engineered in: Global Voice Broadcasting. 

Harry BROUGHT his #Fave5 songs with him (which you can read all about the juicy YTunes Shuffle Nuggest on his music here.)

We discover that Harry uses his music to meditate and really formulate was he wants out of life. He talks about envisioning his professional future, what college was like when you start your own fraternity, and how past mistakes as an intern helped shape his current humble and grateful attitude. He also describes what he wants out of a romantic relationship with a very surprising song.

Then we head to Stratford-upon-Avon for Band Or Bar. See if you can guess it correctly as well! Harry dives into his First Concert and then tells the tale of his Last Concert before we learn how to connect with him on Instagram and Twitter.

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Episode 56: Fiona Goodwin


Fiona Goodwin spent some quality time with the show despite being a very busy comedian working on debuting her One Woman Show: "A Very British Lesbian."

Fiona brought her Fave 5 songs and shared all about how she grew up in the English countryside. Her songs wove us through stories of being a high schooler looking for an answer to why she was attracted to women. Instead, she found a friend who introduced her to the church. She studied for years and travelled all over the world on missions running from her truth. Fiona details an exorcism performed on her, falling in love on the set of a church play, and road tripping all over Europe with the love of her life.

Band Or Bar takes us to Berkley, CA and then Fiona dives into her very surprising First Concert before rounding out the show with the Last Concert story.

The entire episode was recorded on Easter so there is a running joke about Fiona's obsession with Cadbury's Eggs. Hope you enjoy the episode.

Learn more about Fiona's #Fave5 songs with these YTunes Nuggets.


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Episode 55: Mia Korf


You may remember this week's guest on the tv show, One Life To Live. Mia grew up in Ithaca, New York and was actually classmates with co-host David Earl Waterman. Mia shares what it was like growing up as Asian in a white town, having a scientific dad and artistic mother, raised on all the music. She talks about the significance of David Bowie on the world, and how it's never to late to cross items off a bucket list. She rounds out her Fave 5 songs with a song that puts words to the feeling of sending your kid off to college and what songs and composers seem to have the pulse of what human longing sounds like.

We play Band Or Bar in Cook County, MN before diving into her First and Last Concert experiences.

Want to know more about the music? Get all the delicious YTunes Nuggets about Mia's Fave5 songs here.


Mia plays in a band called Play'N Lucky in the Los Angeles area and you can find her partner's new venture Leaf Cuisine here.


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Episode 54: Theo Manhattan


YTunes Shuffle has been on the road auditioning the show for a bigger and better platform...Maggi and David explain where they have been.


Theo Manhattan, one of the sweetest most positive people in the Los Angeles Stand Up Scene stopped by to share his #Fave5. We learn all about his dad's breakfast secret: pancakes and tacos and how his dad inspired his musical interests. Plus, there is nothing more fun than learning about the band names our friends came up with in high school. Theo shares his first gig, first love, and how a small town Minnesota kid came to Los Angeles with a dream to work in film and wound up in comedy.

Like what you heard? You can check out the YTunes Nuggets on our new blog. It's delicius tidbits of info about each of the songs that Theo picked!

Band Or Bar takes us to Cuba, NY. Don't click the link and see if you can guess along.

We round out the show with the story of Theo's First Concert and Last Concert and if you want to keep up with Theo Manhattan, keep up with him on Facebook and Instagram.


Episode 53: Tuesday Thomas


Kicking off Season 3 in style with the self proclaimed “Punk Rock Cher,” Tuesday Thomas, comedian and producer of Los Angeles’ most successful live show Freak Show LA joins the gang!

She brings her Fave 5 songs and we loved the stories. Everything from sneaking mom’s medicine, to drugs, shitty relationships, the closest person to the Manson murders either Maggi or David has ever met, plus her philosophy on where to go from here, kids, and how much we all love Cher.

Plus, Maggi debuts a new feature called “YTunes Nugget,” where David picks one song out of our guests’ Fave 5 to get more information on the artist or song. See all 5 Nuggest on Facebook.


Band Or Bar goes to Maggi’s birthplace of Princeton, NJ. Try not peak and guess along with Tuesday and Maggi. Then, find out the story of her First Concert, and Last concert.


Then connect with her online on Twitter and Instagram. As always, YTunes Shuffle is on Facebook, Insta, and Twitter and taking your songs/stories or sponsor requests at ytunesshuffle@gmail.com.


Happy 2018 and welcome back to the show!


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