Mark Atherlay


MARK ATHERLAY is a voice over actor, most famous for his work on Mafia III, the Billboard Music Awards, American Hustle….he’s even done celebrity impersonations! 

Host, David Earl Waterman and Mark have been long time friends and we learn about their meeting and a particular Christmas that was lifechanging for David. Through Mark's songs, we learn all about moving A LOT as a kid trying to make friends, being the kid with all the "feels" in school, the troubles with trying to reconnect with people from your past, overcoming addiction, and the song that reminds him of the love of his life!

If you love the songs, you can hear them in their entirety and learn more about the artists on our blog!

Then we play Band Name Or Bar Name in Mykonos, Greece before diving into his very corny First and Last Concert stories.

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Julia Pels


This week, we meet a friend of host, Maggi Mayfield's. Julia Pels is an activist, model, actress, comedian and producer most well known for her bicoastal show, Killer Unicorns.

Through her Fave5 songs, we learn about Julia's upbringing in Chicago, to moving all over the United States following what she though life "should" have been...including a wild story about getting arrested, and how the #MeToo movement has not been beneficial for everyone. Her take on Identity Politics is refreshing and her choice of music is surprising. 

We take a break to play Band or Bar before diving in to hear about her First and Last Concert experiences.

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Ron Kublin


We are so excited to be back! It's officially Season 4 of YTunes Shuffle and our first guest, Ron Kublin joins us to share his Fave5 Songs.

Ron is a producer, writer, world traveler and long time friend of Hollywood's Secret Weapon. He shares his pitch for a new Poker Show coming to reality tv before we hear all the shenanigans that he and David Earl Waterman would get into.

Through Ron's music, we learn about his family and what it was like growing up on the East Coast, his amazing/talented brother who also happened to be homeless and an incredibly weird first date that went from showing awkwardly pissed off.

If you liked the songs and want to hear more and learn about the artist, check out our blog!

Then we head to West Hollywood for our Band Or Bar segment before diving into an amazing almost-first-pot story in Ron's First Concert and Last Concert anecdotes.

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Marissa Godinez


Marissa Godinez is a talented actor, singer, performer, world traveler, Spanish speaker from Hawaii and most recently in an award winning film called, "Irresponsible."

Through her Fave 5 songs, we learn about the importance of Deja Vu experiences, a spark in a kiss, how her parents worked together long before the met in Hawaii, and what it was like growing up in the 90s in Paradise. Marissa is talented as she is wise as she is "chill," sharing her newfound wisdom on the importance of going home.

If you loved her music, check out our blog which has more details and "Nuggets" of the music and the artists she picked.

We then play Band Or Bar before learning about her obvious First Concert Experience (Blink 182) and Last Concert. Follow her career and passions on Facebook and Instagram.

Troy DeVolld


Troy DeVolld is a writer, producer, fine arts lover and most interestingly, a vintage TV remote collector.

He wrote the book, "Reality TV" which is considered the bible of writing for reality television. He started on MTV's show "Fear" and eventually worked on "The Osbornes."

Through his Fave 5 songs, we learn about his very amazing upbringing, how he met Lily Tomlin, made a documentary about Allie Willis (Earth Wind & Fire), and how he feels the future of reality tv will pan out.

If you loved the songs, you can find more information on them in our BLOG.

Then we play Band Or Bar in Minocqua, WI before diving into his stories of First and Last Concert.

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Dia Morgan


Dia Morgan is an all around performer having worked comedy stages all over Los Angeles, and now conquering her childhood dream of being a pop singer. Dia shares her Fave5 songs and gives us an exclusive story behind an original. Plus we learn all about how growing up Jewish has helped her as an adult, long summer camps in Wisconsin, and how music helped her bond with her best friend.

If you like the songs you hear, learn more about the artists behind the music with these YTunes Nuggets.


We close out the episode with a game of Band Or Bar before settling into her Hazy First Concert Story and Last Concert experience.

Warning: It's Dia is all of her social media handles for a reason. She is high energy and in love with life. Enjoy the show and please like us on any of the social media's for more exclusive music-related content.

Martin Gooch


Martin Gooch is a director, writer, producer and everything behind the camera man. Over 2,000 hours of experience working on projects like Harry Potter, Judge Dredd and the Muppets. Over 20 short films….two of those won BBC Best New Director awards. Plus, he directed Spooks Interactive which won a BAFTA and was nominated for an EMMY!

We take a listen to Martin's Fave5 songs, learn about his writing process, how he REALLY feels about acting, and which superstar inspired his favorite hair cut of all time.

If you liked the songs and want to know more about the artists, check out our blog.

Then we take a brain break and play BAND or BAR in Havana, Cuba. Martin shares his COOLEST Concert and Last Concert before wrapping up with his corner of the Internet. Online at and Twitter, at @goochoid


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Calipso Aranda


Meet Calipso Aranda, a model, actress, radio personality and business woman (CEO/founder) of Calipso Cosmetics. She is a Mexican born, yet native English speaker who was bitten by the entertainment bug at the young age of 13 years old. She regularly hosts the Whittier Dias De Los Muertos Festival every year in October and a show with DASH radio.
Through her Fave5 songs, we learn all about growing up as a Latina in Huntington Beach, CA (not knowing she was Latina), learning Spanish later in life after getting into radio, her first love/heartbreak, and incredible stories of her parents' sacrifice getting her into the USA.
If you love the songs that Calipso picked, learn more about the music with these YTunes Shuffle Nuggets
Then we play Band or Bar in Athens, Greece before hearing the story of her First and Last Concerts.
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Raquel Pomplun


Raquel Pomplun is an actress, comedian, model, writer and host who also happens to be the first Mexican American Playboy Playmate Of The Year. The music she shares covers her dual-country upbringing in Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego, United States. She describes the sacrifices her mother made, how her entire family are comprised of geniuses, the summer she learned who she was and how she met her husband.

Her personality is as electrifying as her songs. If you like them, please check out more of the songs and YTunes Shuffle Nuggets on our blog.


Then we head to Austin, Tx to play Band Or Bar before diving into her First and Last Concert stories.

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Margo Bateman


Margo Bateman is a comedian and actress from Philadelphia. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue the creative passion of stand up after her parents passed away very young. Don't let the tragic beginnings deter you; she has big heart and shares stories of trying to figure out her way around Catholic school, the best road trip EVER, the first time she heard "sex" in music, and a hilarious take on her dad's funeral.

We then head to Austin, TX for Band Or Bar; find out more about each by clicking the links, before we wrap up with the stories of her First and Last Concert.

Did you love the songs? Read more about the artists and the music in our Blog!


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