Episode 53: Tuesday Thomas


Kicking off Season 3 in style with the self proclaimed “Punk Rock Cher,” Tuesday Thomas, comedian and producer of Los Angeles’ most successful live show Freak Show LA joins the gang!

She brings her Fave 5 songs and we loved the stories. Everything from sneaking mom’s medicine, to drugs, shitty relationships, the closest person to the Manson murders either Maggi or David has ever met, plus her philosophy on where to go from here, kids, and how much we all love Cher.

Plus, Maggi debuts a new feature called “YTunes Nugget,” where David picks one song out of our guests’ Fave 5 to get more information on the artist or song. See all 5 Nuggest on Facebook.


Band Or Bar goes to Maggi’s birthplace of Princeton, NJ. Try not peak and guess along with Tuesday and Maggi. Then, find out the story of her First Concert, and Last concert.


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Happy 2018 and welcome back to the show!


Episode 52: Danny Vermont


Season 2 comes to a close with a whopper of a guest, Danny Vermont! He is a comedian and writer and you might recognize his work from "Real Time With Bill Maher," "Politically Incorrect," and "Pauly Shore's Pauly-tics."


We jump right into how Danny and Dave met...and then reconnected (without Facebook). His 5 songs bring us mostly back to the good old college days in Ithica New York. We learn about Danny's high school years, his first open mic experience, how one famous comedian inspired him to go to college, growing up with a mom as a school teacher and about the dark secrets of Los Angeles.

Don't think you won't get a nice legalized pot talk in there...plus, Band Or Bar takes us to Ethiopia and it's a doozy. Try playing along before you click the links. Danny's Guilty Pleasure is hilarious, and his First and Last Concert will make you sentimental.

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Episode 51: Wolfie Trausch


Wolfie Trausch is a Los Angeles native who started acting at the age of 8! He has since moved into the voice over world and when he isn't working as a voice actor, he makes extra cash as a voice over casting director and teaches seminars.


We dive right into his Fave 5 songs where we learn all about his non-existent musical upbringing. His parents were both teachers and made it difficult for him to ditch classes...but we do learn about the music he and his dad had in common and how he not only met his current b/f on Tinder, he is teaching his mom how to use the app too! 

The group gets into an incredible discussion about weed and edibles in modern times and then Wolfie shares a song that he started listening to because he thought his crush was super into it. 


We go to Croatia for this week's episode of Band Or Bar before learning about a really embarrassing Guilty Pleasure. Wrapping up the show with First Concert and Last Concert....Wolfie's story is sweet and really just getting started. He is not a character to be missed. Follow him on Instagram!

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Episode 50: Shawna Baca


Shawna Baca is our guest this week; fresh off of directing a music video, currently in production with two documentaries, Shawna also manages to find time to organized the American Latin Film Festival sponsored by Nosotros, and also sits on the Advisory Board of the East Los Angeles Chicano Film Festival Cin Sin Fin.


Shawna is quite the "rock chick" with purple hair, but starts us off with an unending love for Madonna and closes the Fave 5 out with a Christmas song.

In between we talk going from being a straight A student, going into continuation school, learning about her close friends, how she gets back into public school and then what it was like going to college as an adult.

Her family has an interesting coicidence as she and her 5 year younger sister, share the same narrative where their fathers' passed away as babies.

Band Or Bar takes us to Byron Bay Australia. Then we learn of her naughty Guilty Pleasure, First Concert and Last Concert.


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Episode 49: Cassie Dang


This week's guest not only worked as an entertainment lawyer, but now runs her own company, Dang Entertainment, managing comedians.

Cassie describes how she accidentally started managing comedians. Her first passion was actually to be on Broadway. Her mother is a Vietnamese singer and sang alongside her mother as a young girl in the United States. Cassie is the only American born citizen in her family and talks a lot about the family dynamics and respect given to her older brothers and sisters.

We share our favorite musicals and a few high school memories (Maggi and Cassie graduated Irvine High School in Orange County, CA together).

Plus, what kids from Irvine got into in high school…and it was surprisingly innocent…until her bff graduated early. Then she got into some crazy shenangians. Plus she was the person who threw all the parties.

And we celebrate a family member who is no longer with us but is remembered for his service and his long important talks with Cassie.  

Band or Bar takes us to KOS, Island Greece. Then we wrap up with her not-so-guilty pleasure, surprising First Concert and her Corner of The Internet.


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Episode 48 Angel Martinez


If you live in the Los Angeles area, you've probably heard Angel Martinez on your radilo dial giving you the traffic reports. She shares with Maggi and David all about her side hustle, Sustainable Shoes! 


Her Fave 5 songs take us to her roots growing up in Southern California, going to school in Utah, her ski days, and the very cool story of how she got started in radio. Plus, a few stories of the reason she came back to Southern California and the special relationship with her dad.

We go to Brooklyn New York for Band Or Bar and then find out Angel has a unique kissing style during the Guilty Pleasure segment. Finish out with her AMAZING First Concert story and this becomes an episode not to be missed.

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Episode 47: Alex Angelikis


This week, Maggi and David were grateful to have Marine Corps Veteran and Actor, Alex Angelikis join the show. We talked a lot about Boot Camp, dealing with PTSD, the growing pains of being different in school and in your early 20's and finally, a veteran's Point Of View on the Colin Kaepernick NFL kneeling issue.

Maggi and David were so intrigued by his Heavy Metal Fave 5 and really learned a lot about what happens when a service member comes home with PTSD and discovering that being Different...is a power!


Band Or Bar takes us to Billings, Montana...but don't click on the links. See if you can guess along before learning about Alex's Guilty Pleasure and First Concert.


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Episode 46: David Interviews Maggi


This episode was dug up from the archives and originally recorded as a practice run through on October 21, 2016 when David and Maggi were working out the kinks of the show before inviting their very first guest, ever!


You'll hear the co-hosts chat about some fundamentals of building the show and promotions before digging into Maggi's Fave 5 songs!


Through her music, Maggi shares the story of moving in the middle of high school after her parent's divorce from New Jersey to California and the kind of straight edge kids she hung around. She talks about a vivid moment in those iconic car rides between houses where her dad stepped up to answer a very awkward question.

She moved often in her adult life chasing her radio dream and she talks about her first morning show job and why it may have been the creepiest job ever. Maggi also skims the surface on the story of one man she really loved, and takes us full circle back to New Jersey and one of the most awkward moments in school.

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Episode 3: Melanie Vesey


YTunes is up to some fun...and we've been digging in the archives for your listening pleasure!


Melanie Vesey is a nationally touring comedian and starred in "Man On The Moon" with Jim Carey. She also recently recorded her live album "Wild Animals." This episode originally aired on our previous SoundCloud platform on 11/29/2016.


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Episode 2: Blake Wexler


Blake Wexler is a nationally touring comedian from Pennsylvania and has worked on the Key & Peele Show. His episode was originally uploaded on Soundcloud on 11/05/2017. 


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