Episode 41: Lank & Earl


The infamous duo that got their comedy start in the 80's in San Fransisco, Lank & Earl, joins the show! Barry Lank and Jim Earl met in California and retell the story of how they came to know David.

They birthed famous 'bits' like the "Farting Elvis" bit and the Stamp Song from Jim's one man show with 12 people in it.

We dissect their home lives and they couldn't be more opposite. They share war stories of going on the road and nabbing their first gigs in the entertainment business.

Will they ever get on stage together again? Probably not, but they did talk about the best way to ruin someone else's make out session!

This week Band Or Bar went to Tokyo! Don't click the links yet! Try to guess along with the gang and see if you get it right!


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Episode 40: Ashley Levy


Joining Maggi and David on the show today is singer/songwriter Ashley Levy! You might recognize her most notable work on the show RuPaul's Drag Race! 

The show opens with the gang just talking shop about the entertainment biz. Then we learn her love of music comes from her dad...who is strangely very contemporary and even makes fun of Ashley for how she consumes her music. Then she dishes on how technology CAN work in your favor in modern romance.

We get right into her Fave5 and learn about growing up with grandparents, how Christmas worked in a split Italian/Jewish/divorced/step-family home.  The answer is honey balls. Aways honey balls.


Ashley gets particularly insightful discussing her relationship with her grandparents and what it was like growing up with a much older generation of people.

She has an intense love for car shows and we find out about her first "job job."

It's not until much later Ashley reveals a pretty big secret about her love for music and the kind of art she makes.


Band or Bar takes us to Rohnert Park, CA in Sonoma County. Don't click on the link! See if you can guess which is which!
Ashley has a quizzical Guilty Pleasure and an "embarrassing" First Concert.

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Episode 39: Anyi Malik


Maggi and David are thrilled to welcome, nationally touring comedian, Anyi Malik, who not only has a new album out on iTunes (Pop Grits) but is also featured in the latest Carl's Jr. television commercial campaign...which they talk about at length!

Anyi talks about his start in comedy in the San Francisco area and how his father was actually very supportive of him. School was tough because friends did not come easily. His enlightened parents taught him about the true history of his surroundings and that critical thinking process made it difficult for Anyi to succeed in school socially and academically.

Anyi shares a particular reggae song featured in his favorite movie but the lyrics are jolting. Maggi counters with a song with a great beat but questionable lyrics...Anyi assures her its "not that bad."

We learn that his dad pushed him into performing at a very young age, reading poetry in cafes, that his first car was just the thing to help him learn how to flirt and impress girls, and that driving on road trips was better broken down into albums...not hours.

His mom also loved music...but she listened to it in a particularly strange way that annoyed Anyi. Another song makes him think of a woman whom he really loved, who is unfortunately no longer with us today. We celebrate her through the power of song.


Band or Bar heads to Providence, RI; don't click the link yet! See if you can guess the correct answer along with Anyi and Maggi.

Anyi's Guilty Pleasure is reminiscent of his lost love and First Concert story is a real 'first' for YTunes Shuffle.

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Episode 38: Dave Joseph


This week's guest is a long time friend of Maggi's from her start in radio. Currently, the voice of the LA Kings hockey team at Staples Center, Dave Joseph joins the show.

We learn quickly that Dave is a major sports fan...he is even a part owner of The Packers! He shares all about life growing up in a small town in rural Michigan and how his dad wanted him to take over the family business. One day one the job and Dave quit, and the next move he makes forever changed the trajectory of his life.

Dave had an incredible Fave5 songs where we learned how he won his first and only championship at 10 years old and what a celebration looked like, playing in a band and getting paid for church gigs, plus his incredible albeit naive journey to college in hopes of getting into radio in New York City! Dave has met some great broadcasters in his career including Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity as well as some amazing performers...liked Dave Grohl!


Band or Bar takes us to Long Beach Island New Jersey. Don't click on the link...try and guess with Dave and Maggi to see if you get it right!

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Episode 37: Mary Birdsong


Talented comedian and actress, Mary Birdsong joins the show! (Reno 911, The Descendants, Broadway) David and Mary are long time friends so the entire episode feels like a catching up session.

Mary shares her experiences at NYU and how she almost dropped out of college and what made her stay! The best things in her life (improv companies, relationships, etc) she was never excited about. But, what she did to keep the faith and keep plugging away in the entertainment business.

Maggi gets schooled on how to maintain friendships without Facebook and everyone can relatate to comparing ourselves to amazingly talented people like Janeane Garofalo.

Mary sets the tone early in her five songs about what exactly a broken heart sounds like and how you can actually hear god in songs. Mary grew up in a divorced family where dad's 'new' family seemed to be perfect, while her homelife with her mother was led by a woman with serious mental health issues. Mary describes her painfully shy childhood and how neighbors interpreted her.

In conclusion...Mary things there will be love again as much as she hates to admit it.


Band Or Bar takes us to Milwaukee, WI. Try and guess along with Mary and Maggi before clicking the links!

Mary's Guilty Pleasure has everything to do with outer space and her first concert becomes a tribute to a high school teacher.

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Episode 36: Lahna Turner


Comedian, producer, writer, singer, filmmaker and actress Lahna Turner joins the show this week. Lahna shares the challenges of being a mom in entertainment, life post-divorce, and making her first comedy musical visual album, Limeade.


This episode is pretty dark in the sense that we talk about reoccuring dreams, sex, divorce, and heartbreak. But, the songs are incredibly inspiring and the basis of how she got started performing. Lahna grew up in Canada and Texas and shares memories of her very funny, yet introverted father, the best roommate she had in college and some unbelievable "can't believe this is happening to me" moments.


Band or Bar takes us to Jamaica. Try and guess along with Lahna and Maggi before clicking on the links to find out more. We discover her guilty pleasure when the kids finally get out of the car and the cool way she got into so many concerts in her 20s , for free!


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Episode 35: Sonja Mereu


Hosts Maggi Mayfield and David Earl Waterman were delighted to sit down with the director of the LA Diversity Film Festival, Sonja Mereu. Sonja grew up bicoastally, with her mom in NYC and her dad in LA. She shares about how she was a "bad kid" and how she overcame that, attended college and started making films.

She has quite a special relationship with her very Italian father, who is on the board of directors of the LA Diversity Film Festival. Sonja's music selections were so deep and empathetic, we learn quickly her secret to life and how intensely she loves others. Sonja's boyfriend was also in studio enjoying the show live and she shared the story of how the met on set in Arizona and their unusual first date when they returned home to Los Angeles.

The gang takes a story break to play Band Or Bar, taking place in Cambridge, England. Try and guess along with Sonja and Maggi before clicking on each!

We learn all about Sonja's Guilty Pleasures before she takes us to her first concert.

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Episode 34: Katrina Davis


Joining the YTunes Show this week is Katrina Davis, a comedian/writer/producer based in Los Angeles, but started her career in Florida!

Katrina shared what it was like growing up in Florida, having a dad that worked for the railroad, and what it's like sharing music with your parents. She grew up making "thrift store" music, how her high school parties were super lame and the unusual way she overcomes her fears.


Into college, Katrina had quite a few crazy roommate stories, what it was like hearing music that actually represented HER, and what it was like not being accepted in your own community because of how others labeled her. But, as David so beautifully pointed out "not caring is an option."

More music was brought up inspired by the crazy things her parents did and Maggi and Katrina discussed all of their 90's musician crushes.


This week, our Listener of the Week Story comes from Stephanie Landers and a song from Ray Stevens "Mississippi Squirrel." Then we head to Philidelphia for Band Or Bar. Try to guess along with Katrina and Maggi before clicking on the links to reveal the answers. Then, Katrina's guilty pleasure is anything less than current before we discover that Katrina is particularl good at "blacking out." Hear the whole experience while shares her First Concert Story.




Episode 33: Steve Bean


Actor and former comedian Steve Bean, whom you may recognize from Cheers, Quantum Leap, and Shameless, joined Maggi and David to talk about his early comedy career in Boston with David before digging into the elephant in the room, his fake plastic nose. Steve didn't mind us being "nosy" about his cancer as he talks about his Nose-Picking-Confession and the process of getting diagnosed, treated, and what's next after the tumor.

Steve shares his life long love affair with Paul McCartney, the theme of Chinese Restaurants in his life and proves that ART SELLS MUSIC! Sharing music is different now in 2017 and describes how he and his son, Jake spend hours going back and forth.

The back porch is where most of the great music in his life has been discovered, and coincidentally, Steve and David Letterman share the same taste in music...which according to Steve, is 'excellent.'  Steve rounds out his Fave5 by putting an offer on the table for listeners--he will buy you a particular album because you are GUARANTEED to love it.

The Listener Song Of The Week comes from Arlo in Pacoima, CA with a quite funny story about Boz Scaggs and his father. Want to share a song and story? Make sure to email the show at ytunesshuffle@gmail.com

Band or Bar takes us to Ft. Meyers, FL. Try to guess along with Steve and Maggi before clicking the links to find out more about each!

Steve shares a guilty pleasure before educating Maggi about how to address someone born in Lynn, Massachusetts and a passion project that didn't pan out the way he had hoped.

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Episode 32: Dave Yates


Nationally touring comedian Dave Yates brings the funny and the serious in this episode of YTunes Shuffle. We go through his culture shocking move from Chicago to Central Illinois, his start in comedy, quitting drinking, and a bit of name dropping those who have mentored and helped him find his way!

Dave shares what his new definition of family means, his potential Tinder profile bio, and a few heart break stories. One of his Fave 5 songs actually makes quite the impact on Maggi as they swap stories about the significance of a particular song.

Today's Listener Of The Week is from Tune Squad member Stefanie from Petersborough, NH sharing her story behind The Eagles' "Desperado."

Band Or Bar has taken on a new life...see if you can guess which is which from East Los Angeles brought to you by M2M Studios.

Closing out the show is another YTunes Connection with Dave's Guilty Pleasure and a blast from the not too distant past with First Concert.

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