Episode 19: Grant M. Smith & DJ Nathon Snow


Comedian and radio personality Maggi Mayfield and Hollywood's Secret Weapon David Earl Waterman, take you on a musical adventure where our guests share their playlist and talk about the songs that inspire their lives.

This week, a YTunes Shuffle first, two comedians from the very successful podcast, "An Ounce Short," Grant M. Smith & DJ Nathon Snow.  They discuss the story of how they met and how Grant got banned from an open mic in Orange County, CA.

Nathon digs into his two songs first and goes on a love rant for the state of Maine, a rant about the show LOVE, and talks about the awkwardness of being a teenager in a place where everyone is so beautiful and rich. For example, could his mom really have planted his friends in a government conspiracy?

Grant shares his two music picks next,  discussing mental health issues, the best advice he got from comedian Doug Benson, why SnapChat is the real gateway drug, and a history lesson into the rave scene in Orange County.

Their fifth song they came up with together, which is affectionately called their "How I Met Your Mother" song.

David debuts a new game called "Band Or Bar," where the guests and Maggi have to figure out if the name he says is a band name or a local bar.

See if you can count how many times the room breaks into song lyrics. All of this and more because of the music that inspires our lives.