Episode 16: Ken Garr


Comedian and Radio Personality Maggi Mayfield along with Hollywoods Secret Weapon David Earl Waterman love nothing more than to talk msic and share stories with people who make art. Whether it's comedy, music or otherwise, each guest is doing something incredible to make their dreams come true in Los Angeles. Today's guest is no different.

Ken Garr is an established comedian originally from the South Side of Chicago, about to embark on his first USO tour. He also runs a very successful podcast called "Benched" with his cohost Bridget Phetasy. Ken brought his fave five songs and we discussed the commute and the danger to hang out with his first girl friend, how he was able to pay his fair share hanging out with buddies with his first part time job at the infamous Rainbow Cone, and how rap music became an important window into connecting with kids in his neighborhood as African American families started moving in and white families moved out.