Episode 15: Sarah Hylander


Comedian/Radio Personality Maggi Mayfield and Comedian/Actor David Earl Waterman introduce Los Angeles' up and coming super stars, whether they are comedians, actors, producers, writers or jugglers. This week, Sarah Hylander is up! Quite the established comedian, you most noteably you can catch her every Sunday evening upstairs in the Belly Room at the Comedy Store. She brought in her fave five songs and talked about growing up in Louisville, KY and what it was like going to school in an all girls Catholic High School. In this episode, we find out why Sarah was named "Class Turkey," her favorite item on the Taco Bell menu, the song that reminds her of a dog's love, and what exactly the term "redneck" means to her. She is a certainly someone to watch and listen to because that sweet Kentucky accent definitely slips out!